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Understanding our customers' needs and joining it with emerging technology, allows us to deliver new products and flooring concepts to bring your interior space to the next level. From carpets that light up to flooring that provides noise reduction, explore our innovative products including Luminous Carpet, Flex-Air, and SureStart Underlayment.

Luminous Carpet

As humans we are often guided by light and color. We tend to search for attributes that please the eye. To fulfill this sensation, Desso and Philips created the “luminous carpet.

It is a completely new concept of using and interacting with a carpet in a designated space.

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By designing Powerbond, Flex-Aire Modular, and Freeform with closed-cell cushion technology, we have decreased excess indoor sound and increased communication, productivity and privacy. 

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SureStart Underlayment

Tarkett SureStart Underlayment provides moisture impermeability and acoustic reduction.

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